Manic Pixie Dream Girl

by Rachel Kline

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Pills 04:21
prescribe me all the white pills 'cause it'll pass in time my airways are restricted, there's just too much on my mind my fate is in my fingertips and that's too much to bare oh what i'd give to have you ask or even pretend to care I remember everything everyone says sometimes I can't get out of my head It's like I can't forget So I'm stuck here instead prescribe me all the blue pills 'cause things are just too bad and I'm craving something stronger than the outlook I don't have I wake up every morning and I break down and cry because things are getting harder and I cannot explain why I remember everything you ever said like sentences just ringing in my head it's like I can't forget so I'm alone instead I'm calling you out but every time I open my mouth nothing comes out
The Funeral 03:20
I woke up with too many thoughts in my head and reality was a bitter pill to swallow I was relieved to find out that my brother wasn't dead but the truth rang out, the truth rang out, I'm hollow I've been through hell and back in my mind but at the funeral I was the only one who cried I needed you to tell me it was gonna be alright but I woke up and you still weren't in my life calm me down, calm me down calm me down, calm me down these horrors creep under my eyelids and chain me to my bed and my thoughts are being molested they're the demons that haunt me subconsciously taunting me with truths and they come alive at night where they are vested calm me down, calm me down calm me down, calm me down I'm reliving this nightmare in my head it's something that I shouldn't have said I'm reliving this nightmare in my head I'm reliving this nightmare 'till I'm dead I open my eyes and I don't know what's real or what is fake or if I'm really awake
Holy War 04:42
alive and holding my fingertips for something real it's compulsive awake and counting my losses with each gasping breath is it worth it? I feel with every once of me it breaks my bones and I'm hollow my chest holds all my anxieties and traps the air and all i know I'm sorry can't calm down I'm sorry I'm breaking now I'm sorry I'm waiting to come home nobody told me twice that i'd have to spend my nights being angry at the world but we're all alone I guess we're not alone in that like a clock that buries the moments where I feel alright and all my time runs out I'm constantly too aware and zoning out I'm holding my head in my hands if only I knew what I know now I'd stay where I can't be found or where the people think like me I'm missing out and growing old watching the pages unfold every new catastrophe I was made to bleed will you stitch me at the seams and is this some part of some master plan I'm selling you out made it seem like an accident some holy war you know I've heard it all before you know I've heard it all before you know I've heard it all before
I am a manic pixie dream girl and that's all I'll ever be don't tell me that you want me don't tell me that I'm pretty 'cause I won't believe no I won't believe when I get too happy my brain shuts down so scared and bitter when I sink to the bottom and don't rise up it's just familiar you're in my head under my skin you changed your mind you changed your mind I'm just a manic pixie dream girl and that's all I'll ever know don't say that you are here now don't say that you won't go 'cause I won't believe no I won't believe when the cracks in the pavement look like scars, I've got a problem and when everybody leaves it fucks me up, I start to feel numb you're in my head under my skin you changed your mind you changed your mid like you've done a thousand times you're in my head under my skin and i can't win
when people leave I carve them out of me when people leave when people leave they make their mark on me when people leave because the only things that stay are memories and razor blades yeah they'll haunt me 'till my grave oh they'll haunt me 'till my grave and no matter what I do my mind is begging me to do what everyone is telling me to quit but I can't quit no I can't quit I'm a fool when people leave they suck the life from me when people leave when people leave they take everything oh they take everything from me


this is a collection of songs I wrote over the course of a year to cope with mental illness, people leaving, and the darker parts of life that people don't usually talk about. it's personal and it's uncomfortable, but most importantly, it's real.


released July 10, 2015

produced by: Josiah Brekke
recorded, mixed, & mastered by: Josiah Brekke, McNally Smith Studio, Spring 2015
all songs written by: Rachel Kline
album art by: Kayla Sotebeer

an extra special thank you to Josiah for being patient and understanding with me and helping these songs come to life. I am so grateful for all of your hard work and time spent on this project. I can't express how much I appreciate it.

thank you to Jesse, Gaby, Seth, and Elijah for playing on this EP and spending hours in the studio to support me. it means the world.

and lastly, thanks to all my friends, family, acquaintances, etc. who have supported (and continue to support) me and my art. you know who you are and I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without all of you behind me.



all rights reserved



Rachel Kline Virginia

hi i'm rachel and this is my bandcamp

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